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If you dislike logging into Rally...

You've committed your code, wrapped up the story, but now you have to log back into Rally (our organization makes us log in every three hours. THREE!) and update all the things.

OR you could install this plugin and just phrase your commit messages in a specific fashion and let the plugin handle the bookkeeping.


Once you've installed the plugin through the normal channels (or by downloading the HPI file from the GitHub Releases page) you'll need to configure the plugin for your build.

First you'll want to add a credential to the Jenkins Credential store. Start by clicking on the "Credentials" link on the left side of the screen:

Add a credential and supply information like the following:

Rally has moved to a token-based authentication instead of the old "username and password" standard. To get a Rally API Key go to the Rally token page, click API Keys, and then "Create your own API key".

Now that your credential is configure you'll want to include the plugin in your build by clicking the following:

Once added, you'll be presented with the following:

Commit Syntax (optional)

Once you get the plugin configured you will likely need to change the way you author your commit statements.

The plugin can update your Task information based on the commit messages you supply. Here is a guide:

Each hourly metric is updated with whole numbers only.

Here are some example messages using the above metrics:

US12345: implements task #3 with status: completed; actuals: 5 hours, estimates: 6 hours (updated)
US12345 for task TA54321 with status: in progress; actuals: 3 hours, to do: 15

Contribution and License

If you want to contribute, please use the 'view project on GitHub' icon at the top of the page to see contribution information.

This project is distributed under the MIT license.