Manage Jenkins in Kubernetes!

Deploy Jenkins Operator and configure your Jenkins instances in Kubernetes

Jenkins Operator is a Kubernetes native operator which fully manages Jenkins on Kubernetes.
It was built with immutability and declarative configuration as code in mind.

Better configuration as code

Use groovy scripts or JCasC to configure your Jenkins instance

Security and hardening out of the box

Enable CSRF, disable usage stats, enable master access control and more by default

Handle graceful shutdown properly

Less chance to lose data

Make errors more visible for end users

Improve user experience by informing what has been done

Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome!

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Learning the usage of Jenkins Operator will make your life easier. After that, you can easily contribute to the project.

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Jenkins Community Discourse

Ask questions, discuss best practices and talk to other users about Jenkins Operator on a dedicated Discourse category.

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