Latest (v0.8.x)

How to work with the latest, currently supported Jenkins Operator version.

This document describes a getting started guide for Jenkins Operator v0.8.x and also additional configuration.

First Steps

Prepare your Kubernetes cluster and set up your kubectl access.

Once you have a running Kubernetes cluster you can focus on installing Jenkins Operator according to the Installation guide.

Installing the Operator

How to install Jenkins Operator

Deploying Jenkins

Deploy production ready Jenkins manifest

Customizing Jenkins

How to customize Jenkins

Configuring Seed Jobs and Pipelines

How to configure Jenkins with Operator

Configuring backup and restore

Prevent loss of job history

Separate namespaces for Jenkins and Operator

How to install Jenkins and Jenkins Operator in separate namespaces

Custom backup and restore providers

Custom backup and restore provider


Additional configuration for Azure Kubernetes Service


Additional configuration for LDAP


Additional configuration for OpenShift


API Schema definitions for Jenkins CRD

Last modified January 8, 2023