Migration from v0.2.x

How to migrate from v0.2.x to v0.3.x


  • new Jenkins Custom Resource Definition version jenkins.io/v1alpha2:
    • spec.master.masterAnnotations was deprecated, use spec.master.annotations
    • added spec.notifications
    • added spec.master.tolerations (in v0.3.1)
    • added spec.master.disableCSRFProtection


  • adjust the operator image version, e.g. image: virtuslab/jenkins-operator:v0.3.1
  • migrate your Jenkins Custom Resources to apiVersion: jenkins.io/v1alpha2, adjust content if necessary

The v0.3.x should work fine with jenkins.io/v1alpha1, but we recommend using jenkins.io/v1alpha2.

Last modified January 3, 2020