Common Config

Optional Params for all Steps.

When set to true, then the step will abort the job as a failure when there is an error sending message. To make it false, it should always be provided as global environment variable JIRA_FAIL_ON_ERROR.

Global Environment Variables.

Common Response & Error Handling.

Every step returns a common response, which will have more information about the request like successful, error, data and code. Always try catch if we want to handle abort exception or can set failOrError to false to ignore all the error.

Usually, if the error is * From JIRA, code will be 400. * Caused by the plugin it will be -1.


  def response = jiraGetComponent id: 10000
  echo response.successful
  echo response.code
  echo response.error

  try {
    jiraGetComponent id: 10000
  } catch (error) {
    echo error