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Actions Comparisons

We only compare jfr-container-action, jfr-static-image-action and jfr-runtime-action here. jfr-setup-action and jfr-plugin-installation-action are only used to set up the environment.

Comparables jfr-container-action jfr-static-image-action jfr-runtime-action
Do they run in the Jenkins container or run in the host machine? It runs in the Jenkins container It runs in the Jenkins container It runs in the host machine directly
When will the Jenkins container start in users workflow? It will start before all the actions start It will start when jfr-static-image-action starts N/A
When will the Jenkins container end in users workflow? It will end after all the actions end It will end immediately after jfr-static-image-action ends N/A
Can it be used with other GitHub actions? Yes No, except actions/checkout to set up workspace Yes
Prerequisites Needs to refer or its extended images No Needs to set up the environment by jfr-setup-action. If you want to download extra plugins, you need to run jfr-plugin-installation-action
Do they support installing new plugins? Yes Yes New plugins needs to be installed by jfr-plugin-installation-action
Do they support using configuraion-as-code-plugin? Yes Yes Yes
Valid Environment Variables in the action No Constraints Must be started with JENKINS_ No Constraints
What kind of runners do it support? Linux Linux Linux, macOS, Windows