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User guide

Jenkinsfile Runner Action for GitHub Actions aims at providing one-time runtime context for Jenkins pipeline. The users are able to run the pipeline in GitHub Actions by only providing the Jenkinsfile and the definition of GitHub workflow. This project is powered by jenkinsfile-runner mainly. The plugin downloading step is powered by plugin-installation-manager-tool.

You can configure the pipeline environment by using other GitHub Actions or providing JCasC Yaml file powered by configuration-as-code-plugin.

How you can access these actions in your project?

Reference these actions in your workflow definition.

  1. jenkinsci/jfr-plugin-installation-action@master
  2. jenkinsci/jfr-runtime-action@master
  3. jenkinsci/jfr-setup-action@master
  4. jenkinsci/jfr-container-action@master
  5. jenkinsci/jfr-static-image-action@master

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